The Vampire’s Fake Fiancée

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Jenna got up and approached Tessa. “I’m serious. You look amazing. I’m afraid Sebastian’s going to see you in this and decide not to divorce you. You might end up stuck with him.”

Tessa couldn’t help but smile. “Would that be so bad?”

“Sebastian?” Jenna snorted. “I think—wait, you’re serious?”

“Yes.” She lifted her chin. “I like him. And he likes me. In fact, when his ex is out of the picture, I’m moving out of your place and into his guest house.”

“Is that so?”

“It is.” Tessa braced for the argument. “Nothing you can say is going to change my mind.”

Jenna hooked a hand on her duty belt in front of her service weapon. “All I’m going to say is, good for you.”

“Well, that’s not very—what?” Tessa stared at her sister. “You’re okay with that?”

“Sure.” Jenna shrugged. “You’re a grown woman. You can make your own decisions. He might not be my choice, but who cares about that? Does he make you happy?”

Tessa let out a breath. Thoughts of Sebastian warmed her through. “Yes. Very.”

“That’s great. And very important.” Jenna’s fingers strummed her belt as she waggled her brows. “How’s the sex?”

Tessa choked on air. “We haven’t done that yet. We’ve only known each other a few days!”

“Okay, just checking. Have you kissed at least?”

“Yes.” Tessa pursed her lips. “And that’s also very good.”

Jenna smiled. “Maybe this will turn into something then. I will say, as eligible bachelors go, you couldn’t have picked a better one.”


Jenna started ticking things off on her fingers. “Money, power, great house, great car, really hot if you go for that sort of English lord thing he’s got going on, and let’s not forget immortal.”

“I prefer that he’s smart, likes books and is kind. To me and Duncan. Being handsome doesn’t hurt.”

“Neither do any of those other things, let’s be honest.”

“Maybe that’s how most women think, but I’m not most women.”

“No, you’re not.” Jenna’s smile flattened a little. “Did you tell him about…you know? What happened?”

“Yes.” Tessa stared at the platform under her feet. It was carpeted in soft ivory shag. “He’s okay with it.”

“He’s a good match for you then. Especially because if something were to happen, well, he’s a vampire.”

“And basically invincible.”

Jenna sighed. “You know, there might be a way to deal with this temper issue. I’ve said it before, but if you hadn’t just up and walked away, maybe—”

Tessa groaned. “Could we change the subject?”

“Yes, you’re right. Now isn’t the time.” Jenna’s smile seemed forced for a moment. “Back to this killer dress. Sorry, bad choice of word. This fabulous dress. Turn around, let me see the whole thing.”

Tessa spun, facing the trio of mirrors for the first time. The dress was really amazing. Fairy tale beautiful, despite all the skin it revealed, which wasn’t that much, it was just more than Tessa was used to.

Behind her, Jenna nodded. “I love this dress. Looks stellar on you.” She stepped onto the platform to stand at Tessa’s back. “But the best part is the strap doesn’t interfere with your sword.”

“That’s not a consideration—”

Jenna ran her finger down the exposed bit of Tessa’s spine, making her sword sing out.

Tessa shivered and turned, the bladesong as uncomfortable today as it had been right after she’s almost killed Varren. “I haven’t needed my sword in years. I’m certainly not going to need it at my wedding. Or ever again.”

Jenna held her hands up as she stepped down. “I didn’t mean to upset you. I was just thinking like a valkyrie, that’s all. I know you won’t need it.”

Tessa cupped her hand over the back of her neck, feeling the hilt of her weapon. It vibrated under her touch. Ready to fight. Ready to kill. She pulled her hand away. “It’s just not who I am anymore, Jenna.”

“I know.” Jenna’s smile was weak and a little sad. “Forget I said anything about it.”

“I should get a dress that covers it.” Tessa glanced over her shoulder into the mirrors. Her sword was plainly visible. It looked like a very realistic, and very large, tattoo. Hard to believe she’d ever been proud of it.

“Why? Only you and I can see it, unless there are berserkers or other valkyries in town. Which I don’t think there are. Anyway, it’s no big deal.”

Tessa looked away. “I suppose you’re right.”

“So are you buying that dress or what?”

“It’s the first one I’ve tried on.”

Corette returned. “I apologize for my absence. Did I hear you say you’re ready to try on another dress?”

“I don’t know.” Tessa bit her lip. “Does anyone ever buy the first dress they put on?”

Corette nodded. “It happens more often than you think.”

Tessa took a breath as she looked herself over one more time in the mirrors. “Then I think this is my dress.”

Jenna clapped her hands and exclaimed a rather uncharacteristic, “Yay!”

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