The Suffragette Scandal

Page 85

“It’s a high-stakes game,” Edward said, “but I was willing to play. And now look what I have for you.” He reached up and poured the marbles in her waiting hands. “Here,” he said. “I know I gave you a puppy for a wedding present, but these are much better.”

Free smiled down at him. “Dearest. You shouldn’t have. A duke and an MP, both in my pocket? It’s everything I’ve always wanted.”

Oliver began to struggle to his feet. “See here,” he said sharply.

Edward stood gracefully and kissed his wife on the cheek. “Enjoy.”

“I’m fairly certain they’re joking,” Sebastian stage-whispered.

Edward ignored this. “Now we’ve taken care of two of them,” he told her. “How many more do we need?”

“I don’t know.” She linked her arm in his. “Shall we go find out?”

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