Reaper's Fire

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“I can work with that.”

“Oh, and Gage?”


“My dad’s a sound sleeper, but try not to lose control. No screaming, no matter how good it feels.”

I blinked, then nodded my head, wondering if this was some kind of twisted hallucination.






I couldn’t believe I’d just said that.

His eyes widened, and I heard his quick intake of breath as I trailed my fingers along the length of his erection. It grew bigger with every stroke, and I thought about how long it’d been since I’d had sex.

Since Jamie.

Wasn’t like I had much opportunity in Hallies Falls. Between Dad and the business, I’d been focused on survival. Why shouldn’t I give myself a little treat? I worked hard. I’d wanted this guy from the first minute I’d seen him, and while I didn’t think I’d ever be able to forgive his lies— No. Don’t follow that thought. This is your night for fun, not thinking.

Fair enough. I’d spent the last eighteen months of my life thinking and it hadn’t exactly gotten me anywhere. Reaching for his zipper, I slid it down slowly, enjoying the way his breath quickened at my touch.

Gage’s cock bulged against the thin, dark fabric of his briefs, and I traced the shape of it again with my fingers. He was big—longer than Brandon, but also wider. I found myself smirking, thinking of my ex and his tiny dick.

Fuck him, and fuck everything he stood for.

Brandon would hate me sleeping with a biker.

Wrong as it was, the thought gave me all kinds of satisfaction. Not as much satisfaction as I planned to take from Gage tonight, though. Then I’d kick him out on his lying ass, but for now?

Time to enjoy.

Grabbing the top of his briefs, I tugged them down, exposing his erection. He was cut, the head red and round, the broad glans hard and tight with need. He moaned as I leaned forward, flicking it twice with my tongue before pulling away. His hand tightened in my hair, and for an instant I thought he might hold me there. Then he let me go.

“Dangerous game you’re playing,” Gage whispered, the sound harsh.

“I’m not playing,” I told him, wrapping my hand around his dick and pumping it twice. Hard. “You want more, you better get those pants off.”

I watched as his big hands caught the side of his pants, sliding them down to crumple on the floor. I’d seen his bare chest lots of times, but never the rest of him. He didn’t disappoint. Thick, muscled thighs. I leaned forward, catching the tip of his cock in my mouth, running my tongue around it like a lollipop as I started to slowly jack the shaft with my hand.

Gage’s body shuddered, and I felt a surge of power and arousal at the same time. This big, scary man was at my mercy, and I loved it.

I loved it even more when I caught his ass in my hand and squeezed. Tight, hard muscle. Gage wasn’t carrying anything extra—Brandon’s gym-honed body had nothing on him. Then his hips surged, pushing farther into my mouth, and I forgot all about Brandon.




I’d never seen anything sexier than the bobbing of Tinker’s head as she went down on me.

Not that I’d won the war, or even the battle.

She wasn’t some young girl I could blow off with easy answers, and I knew we still had a lot of shit to figure out. I’d run fresh out of fucks to give over about that, though, because her lips were wrapped tight around my dick and it was sweet as hell.


Guess sex really was different when you cared about the person. I’d never quite believed that until now, but damned if it wasn’t true because this was the best blow job I’d ever gotten in my life and then some.

Too good.

Her hand crept between my legs, fondling my balls, and I had the sudden, horrible realization that if she didn’t stop soon I’d blow my load. Not my plan—I wanted to come inside her cunt, preferably after she came first.

I told my feet to step away but nothing happened.

Well, fair enough—what kind of fucking idiot backs off from a blow job? You, because you’re playing the long game. It took everything I had to pull away, but I did it. My fingers still held her head.

“Feels like I’ve been waiting forever,” I told her. “And I’m not a kid. Don’t want to blow my wad too fast. Ladies first and all that.”

“Hard to argue,” she said with a slow smile, rising to face me. Tightening my hand into her hair, I pulled her in for a kiss, tasting myself on her lips. She opened for me and my tongue slid inside. It wasn’t our first kiss and I already knew her taste, but I had to admit—I’d been halfway convinced that I’d imagined how good it was.

This wasn’t imaginary.

Reaching around with my other arm, I jerked her against me, pressing her hard against the length of my body as the kiss deepened. My cock was a rock against her stomach, urgent and desperate. Guess things weren’t going so slow for the first time after all . . .

Letting her hair fall free, I reached down to grab her ass, boosting her into my arms. Tinker’s legs wrapped tight around my waist as I laid her down on the couch, grinding into her the whole time.

No more waiting.

No more interruptions and no more lies.

Sliding my hand down between our bodies, I backed off just enough to unzip her shorts. Her panties were wet for me already.

I wanted a taste of that.

Somehow I managed to break off the kiss, sliding off her to kneel beside the couch. An instant later I had her shorts off and her legs draped over my shoulders, right where they belonged. ’Bout fuckin’ time I got to see her pussy, considering how much mental energy I’d put into imagining it. She kept it trimmed neatly, but not totally bare, which worked for me just fine.

Good enough to eat, in fact.

Leaning forward, I spread her lips wide with my fingers as my tongue started to explore. She smelled good—Christ, is there anything better than fresh cunt?—and tasted even better. I licked her slowly, playing with the tiny nub of her clit.

“That’s really good,” she gasped, and I felt one of her hands digging into my hair. Guess turnabout was fair play. I sucked her hard for a minute, then licked again as she gasped. Then I did it again, following her cues until her gasps came closer together and I knew she was close.

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