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“Fucking hell, Ava… your pu**y feels so Goddamn good,” I mutter, locking down every f**king muscle I have to hold still while she continues to lift her hips and the tip of my c**k slides in and out of her.

“Say it again, f**k, say it again,” she demands, raising her hips higher so my dick disappears a little further inside of her.

It’s my turn to whimper as I feel more of her heat wrap around me. There’s no f**king way I’m going to be able to move away from her body now. No f**king way.

“I love the way you feel. I don’t want to stop,” I tell her honestly.

She quickly moves her hands down to my ass and grabs on. I can’t take the torture anymore and immediately relax.

“Then don’t stop, it’s okay, I’m on the pill and I trust you.”

Her quietly whispered words and the way she’s looking up at me is my complete undoing. I let out a shaky breath and slowly push my way inside of her.

We both groan when our hips meet and it takes me a minute to get used to the feel of being completely bare and completely inside of her. I’ve never felt anything this amazing in my life and I don’t know how I’m going to last long enough to make this any good for her.

I bury my head in the side of her neck and breathe in the clean scent of her skin, pulling myself out of her and then sliding right back in. She runs her hands up my back and I shiver when I feel her nails lightly graze my skin. There’s no way I can hold back at this point and I whisper words of apology to her as I start thrusting my hips. I should probably slow down long enough to remove the lace thong she put on for me, but I can’t even be bothered with that. Now that I’m inside of her, I’m never leaving.

“Goddamn, baby,” I whisper against her ear. This experience is so surreal that I just want to mumble and curse and call her every sweet name I can think of.

Ava wraps her arms around my back and locks her ankles together against my ass, using her heels to push me deeper inside of her as she lifts her hips to meet my thrusts.

I never thought vanilla sex would be something I’d like. I’ve always gotten off on crazy shit and scoffed at the simple stuff. I should have known sex with Ava, no matter what kind it is, would be anything but vanilla or simple. Listening to her chant my name as her orgasm approaches and dropping all of our barriers, the latex kind and the emotional kind, makes this the best f**king kind of sex in the entire world.

As I move faster and harder against her, she lifts her hands above her head, grabbing tightly to the wooden posts of the headboard. She tilts her head back and tightens her legs around me as she comes. Feeling her pulsing around my dick throws me right over the f**king edge. Smacking my hand down on the bed and clutching tightly to the sheet, I push myself as deep as I can go and lose myself inside of the woman I love.

This night could have turned to complete shit after everything that happened. As I collapse on top of Ava and we breathe heavily against one another, I smile, happy about the fact that some throw-up and a mild case of hives didn’t ruin our first date.

If we can handle that, we can handle damn near anything.

Chapter 23 – I Made a Poopy!

“This was the worst proposal idea in the history of the world,” I complain, kicking my boot through a pile of snow as we trudge through the back yard.

“Whose idea was this anyway?” Tyler grumbles, walking next to me.

“Aren’t you glad your parents went on that swingers cruise and you got to spend Christmas with us instead?” I ask with a laugh.

“Do NOT remind me of all the disgusting things my parents are most likely doing out at sea,” he complains.

“Gives new meaning to the words ‘wet discharge’ doesn’t it?” Uncle Drew shouts.

We both stop and stare over at the edge of the lawn where a clump of bushes hides him.

“That’s the name of my future boat, by the way,” he adds.

Tyler and I both shake our heads in disgust and continue pacing around the yard.

After much consideration with the family, Gavin decided the perfect idea for proposing to Charlotte would be to buy her a puppy and tie the ring on a red ribbon around the puppy’s neck. Super sweet idea until you realize that puppies are stupid and will eat anything. The trial run Gavin did resulted in the puppy eating the entire red ribbon and the fake, plastic ring he attached to it for practice.

Gavin promptly took the puppy back to the pet store and got a refund, failing to mention to the owner that there could be a shit surprise for him the next morning.

He decided to go with plan B, which sounded like a much better idea at the time. Unfortunately, no one passed that memo along to Uncle Drew.

“How long does it take you to shit, old man?” Tyler yells in the direction of the bushes.

I stare at him, trying to give myself an extra boost of courage to tell him that I love him.

It’s not that hard, Ava, just f**king say it!

After what happened between us the other night after the trip to the emergency room, this should be the easiest thing in the world. I really thought life would Tyler would be all about the crazy, weird shit we’d do in the bedroom. He can definitely f**k like a boss when he gets kinky, but I feared it would get a little old, especially if I had to Google half the stuff he wanted to do. Knowing he can also make the sweetest love in the history of the world, as well as pull off the best dirty talk I’ve ever heard, solidified my feelings for him. If I didn’t think it was completely cliché to tell him I love him during our post-coital glow, I would have done it then. I should have done it then. Having a few days to think about it and plan it out has just f**ked with my nerves.

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