Passion & Ponies

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Chapter 6 – Accidental Anal

“Oh, my God. You’re so wet and tight and-”

“Shut up. Stop talking,” Ava pants as I pound into her from behind.

It’s probably wrong that I’ve got her bent over the arm of the couch in my best friend’s living room, but I don’t give a f**k. If this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. I should still be freaking out about the bombshell my parents dropped on me this morning or the fact that Ava is only doing this because she pities me, but I don’t have time for that right now. I’ve been dreaming about being inside of her again and I’m determined not to think about anything else.

My pants are around my thighs and Ava’s skirt is bunched up around her waist. We didn’t bother taking our clothes off out of courtesy for Gavin and Charlotte. Sure, we’re defiling their couch right now, but at least we’re being considerate by not being naked on their couch.

“You’re pu**y is like a warm Christmas cookie, fresh from the oven,” I mutter as I slam into her harder.

“Jesus Christ, STOP TALKING! Oh, my God, harder,” Ava demands.

I close my eyes and let my head fall back as I give her what she wants. God, she is such a bitch. I don’t know what it is about her, but I just can’t stay away from her. She hates me and I kind of can’t stand her, but holy f**k is the sex good with her.

I can feel my balls start to tighten and I know I’m going to come any second. I know I should slow down and savor what could be my last time with Ava, but I can’t. Her moans are getting louder and it just turns me on even more. She screams my name and smacks her hands down on the couch as she comes, which just throws me over the edge. Usually, she calls me ‘mother f**ker’ or ‘dick face,’ so the sound of my name on her lips as she orgasms is enough to make me completely lose my shit. My hips are moving so fast against her ass that the couch starts sliding across the living room floor and, with one last thrust, I start coming. I’m completely oblivious to what I’m doing because it feels so f**king good.

That was my first mistake.

Wait for it.

“SON OF A MOTHER FUCKING BITCH!” Ava screams suddenly and I feel her entire body go rigid before she pulls away from me and scrambles over the arm of the couch.

I can tell by the sound of her voice that this is not a passion-filled ‘son of a mother f**king bitch, I’m coming again’ scream. It’s more of a ‘son of a f**king bitch, I’m going to kill you’ scream.

It takes me a second to realize what’s going on because I’m still in the process of coming, my hips moving all on their own, f**king nothing but air.

My eyes fly open and I find her huddled at the other end of the couch giving me a dirty look.

“What the hell?” I ask in confusion, pulling my pants up from around my thighs.

“What the hell? YOU PUT YOUR DICK IN MY ASS!” she screams.

I open the waist of my pants and glance down at my condom-covered dick in wonder, half expecting him to look up at me and wink for that sweet ninja move he pulled.

Holy shit, I just had anal!

I raise my eyebrows and smile.

Second mistake.

“This is NOT funny. Wipe that Goddamn smile off of your face RIGHT NOW! I was saving anal for my future husband!” she yells at me before reaching for one of the empty vodka bottles on the coffee table and chucking it at my head.

“JESUS CHRIST!” I yell, ducking down behind the arm of the couch just in time as the bottle goes sailing over me and thumps against the side of the island in the kitchen.

“It was a mistake, I swear.” I raise my hands above my head and wave them back and forth like a white flag of peace. “Either you have a really tight vagina, or a really loose ass**le because I didn’t even notice.”

Mistake número tres. In case you weren’t keeping track.

She screams like a banshee and I have just enough time to wrap my arms around my head before she dives over my end of the couch and starts smacking every inch of face she can reach.

“I’m sorry! Jesus, I’m sorry. Stop hitting me! It was an honest mistake!”

“HONEST MISTAKE?!” she screeches. “An honest mistake is speeding, spilling a glass of milk or calling someone by the wrong name. It is NOT sticking your dick in the wrong hole!” she argues, her fist connecting with my cheek.

In between grunts of pain, I manage to grab onto her wrists and stand up. Her hair is a mess around her face and her cheeks are red from exertion and even though I’m pretty sure I should excuse myself to get rid of the jizz-filled condom I’m still wearing, I can feel myself getting hard again.

She tries to struggle out of my grasp but I hold on tight as I climb over the arm of the couch and push her onto her back on the cushions, resting my body on top of hers. Holding her arms above her head, I stare down at her face and try really hard to wipe the goofy smile off of my mine.

I don’t know what she’s so worked up about. It really was an honest mistake. There’s only like a one-inch distance between the two holes. It could happen to anyone.

“You know, since I was already in there…”

Yep, you guessed it. I should probably just stop talking.

I may have her hands pinned, but her legs are still in working order. Her knee comes up between my legs and slams right into my balls.

I let out a scream and roll right off of her and onto the floor, clutching onto the boys as I curl up in the fetal position.

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