Love and Lists

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Gavin glances up at me and I quickly bring both of my hands to my chest, hiding my phone against me. “Oh yeah, that feels so good. Keep going.”

He looks away from me and keeps on keeping on. I make sure to continue moving my hips against him as I pull up the message app on my phone and send off a quick text to Molly.

Can u make sure I unplugged my straightener? Thx.

Pressing send, I glance down at Gavin. Man, he’s really working it. Lips, tongue, fingers … if only I could feel it. My phone vibrates and I hide the noise with another loud moan while I check my messages.

It’s unplugged. Whatcha doin? I’m bored. - Molly

“Don’t stop,” I mutter as I type a reply to my sister.

Eh, nothing much. I’m prob not going to be home till late. Wanna go shopping tmrw?

I wonder if those shoes I wanted are still on sale at Macy’s? They were so cute. Rocco would love them.

“Does it feel good? Are you close?” Gavin asks.

Quickly hiding my phone next to my hip, I smile down at him and nod my head. “Oh, so good. I’m really close.”

He dives right back in, and when I’m sure he’s not paying attention to me, I bring up Google and type in numb vagina.

Hmmm, sitting for long periods of time can cause a numb vagina. I didn’t really sit down today for more than a few minutes, so that’s not it. Nerve damage? Oh f**k no! What if I have damaged nerves? That doesn’t sound like something easy to fix. “Hey, Doc, so I have this problem with broken nerves in my vagina. Get your scalpel, STAT!”

Certain yeast infection remedies have ingredients in them that soothe and cause numbing. That sounds about right, but I don’t have cottage cheese vagina so that isn’t it either. Clicking on the ingredients, I see one right at the top called Lysine. I’ve heard of that before. It’s in a few of my plumping lip-glosses. Looking away from my phone and down at Gavin, I ponder this for a few minutes while he slurps and licks away at my vagina. I look back at my phone and then down at Gavin. Back and forth, back and forth.


Throwing my phone down on the bed, I reach down with both hands and grab handfuls of Gavin’s hair, pulling his head up.

“Hey, I wasn’t finished yet,” he complains.

“Did you put chapstick on before we got in bed?” I question.

He starts to move his head back down between my legs, but I clutch tighter and hold him in place.

His face scrunches up in pain as he stares at me. “Ouch! What? Chapstick? I don’t know. I think so.”

“Give me the chapstick.”

Gavin looks at me like I’ve lost my mind. “I’m kind of in the middle of something here.”


He scrambles up on his knees and fumbles in the back pocket of his jeans, quickly pulling out the small tube of MEDICATED FUCKING CHAPSTICK.

Snatching it out of his hand, I read the ingredients.

“Active ingredients include camphor, cooling menthol, and phenol to relieve pain.”

Gavin continues to stare at me while I shoot him a dirty look.


Sighing, I toss the chapstick at his chest. “You put on medicated chapstick before you went down on me.”

I can see by the perplexed look on his face; he still doesn’t get it.

“Tell me something. How did your lips feel right after you put on that chapstick?”

He thinks about this for a minute before responding. “Tingly. And then they numbed a little. I don’t see what the problem is. I wanted to make sure my lips were nice and smooth before I did this. You should be thanking me.”

Pulling my skirt down to cover myself, I scoot back on the bed until my back is against the headboard. “Say that again, out loud.”

“You should be thanking me,” he replies.

“No! Not that part. Sweet f**king hell … the part about your lips.”

He huffs at me and puts his hands on his hips. “Tingly. And then they numbed a lit … Ohhhhhhhhhh.”

He scrunches up his nose and winces at me. “So the whole time you couldn’t—”


“And you were just making those noises so that—”


He lets out a huge sigh, crawling up the bed and then sitting next to me, our shoulders touching as we both lean against the headboard and stare blankly at the wall across the room.

“So, you wanna watch a movie or something?” he asks after a few minutes of silence.

I shrug. “Sure.”

Well, it’s good to know there’s no awkwardness between us.

Chapter 18 – Just Say No to Weird Sex

“I can’t believe you had sex for the first time in the back seat of a car. You are such a whore,” Ava tells me over the phone.

Even her annoying judgment can’t put me in a bad mood right now. I had sex with Gavin. I had sex with Gavin and I had not one, but two orgasms. Whoever invented vibrators should be king of the world.

“Did you tell him you love him yet?” Ava questions as I pull into Gavin’s driveway and check myself in the rearview mirror one last time before getting out of my car.

“No, not yet. There’s one more thing I want to check off of my list before I do that,” I inform her as I make my way up his front walk.

“Please tell me you aren’t doing the food one,” Ava begs.

“What? Why? That’s a fun one. And now that we’ve got the whole virginity thing out of the way, it will be awesome,” I explain.

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