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Shit! I don’t want him to think I’m offended!

“I totally didn’t mean to do that. I’m going to stick my hand down your pants now,” I warned him.

“Oh my God,” he mumbled as I cut him off with my lips and slid my hand inside his boxer briefs.

Oh f**k. I’m touching his penis. My hand is on his penis. I was so excited I didn’t even realize how hard I was squeezing his penis. And thinking about it just makes me squeeze it even harder.

“Ouch!” Gavin winced and pulled away from my mouth.

Instead of letting up, I jerked in surprise when he shouted, bringing his penis with me. So basically, I was choking the life out of this thing and trying to detach it from his body. WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?!

“It’s okay. It’s fine. Just be careful,” Gavin said before pulling me back to him and kissing me.

Be careful. I can do this. Just pretend it’s a cat. Nice kitty. Nice, soft kitty.

Gavin pulled away again and I growled in frustration. I wanted his lips on me and he kept moving them.

“You’re petting my penis,” he stated.

Well, I WAS until you stopped me. QUIT IT!

“Stop talking,” I told him.

I couldn’t think when he talked. The sound of his voice made me feel all warm and gooey, and I wanted to do this right. I wanted him to feel good and maybe realize that by touching his penis, I love him.

Picturing every  p**n  I’ve seen in my mind, except that weird one that Aunt Jenny showed me with people dressed up as Smurfs, I wrapped my hand around him and started moving it up and down slowly. Gavin groaned and closed his eyes, letting his head fall back against the wall.

I realized that we were wedged between the fridge and the counter, and it wasn’t the most ideal location to be doing this, but I didn’t care. This is happening right the f**k now.

Leaning forward, I placed my lips on his neck and let my tongue taste his skin. He groaned again and I picked up the pace with my hand, moving it up and down his smooth shaft.

I wondered if that slut Brooklyn really did all the things she said she did with him? I wanted to cut that whore for ever laying a finger on my Gavin. I didn’t realize I was channeling my anger to Gavin’s penis until he whimpered in pain. Dammit. Focus, Charlotte! There are better ways to mark your territory than by dismembering the man you love. Securing my lips to his neck once again, I nibbled and bit his skin before sucking it into my mouth.

There, take that, you skanky piece of trash! He’s mine!

“Oh shit, Charlotte. Slow down,” Gavin begged, wrapping one of his hands around my wrist and sliding the other into the edge of my jeans by my hip.

I ignored his warning and moved my hand harder and faster, up and down his length. He tried to hold my wrist tighter to get me to slow down, but I wasn’t having any of that. His hips thrusted into my hand, and it was the hottest thing I ever felt.

I am NOT stopping.

“Charlotte … Jesus … .I’m gonna … oh holy shit f**k …”

I felt his fingers graze the skin of my hip, and I wanted more than anything for him to just dive right in like I did with him. I wanted him to touch me, but I was pretty sure he was beyond rational thought right now. His fingers tangled into the fabric of my thong resting on my hip, and he clutched it so tightly the fabric ripped.

He’s going to come! I’m totally making him come! This is the best day ever!

“Okay, so aside from the fact that you pet his dick like a cat, I don’t see what the problem is,” Rocco says when I pause with my story. “You might be surprised to know that I’ve had my dick pulled by a few of the ladies back in the day. You’re not the only one who has no idea how to use one of those things. At least you got the hang of it.”

“Sure, I got into a nice rhythm and he finished pretty fast. That was awesome. But in  p**n , they don’t tell you what to do when it’s all over. The scene just ends and there’s no cleanup involved,” I complain.

Rocco stares at me for a few minutes and then the light bulb comes on and his eyes widen.

“Oh dear God. What did you do with the jizz in your hand? Charlotte! What did you do with the jizz?!”

Biting my lip and squeezing my eyes closed so I don’t have to see Rocco’s face, I blurt it out quickly.

“I pulled my hand out of his pants and then sort of whipped my hand in his general direction to get it off. Then I just turned and walked out of his apartment.”

Opening my eyes, I see Rocco with his hand over his mouth trying to contain his laughter.

“Oh no you didn’t. Oh, Charlotte. You Spidermanned the one you love.”

Chapter 14 – Cat Fight

“Ava, are you home?” I shout into my parents’ house as I walk through the front door.

Moving into the living room, I see a flash of naked, white ass streaking down the hall to the guest bathroom and Ava rearranging her skirt on the couch. Not one piece of her long, dark brown hair is out of place, and she looks like she just stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine. Her make-up is flawless and her blue skirt and matching tank top are perfectly pressed. Not at all what someone should look like who was just doing what I KNOW she was doing.

“Oh my God. Ava! Were you having sex on mom and dad’s couch? That’s disgusting. I sit on that couch,” I complain.

She rolls her eyes. “Fuck off, twat. I laid a blanket down.”

Glancing underneath her, I see the blanket in question.

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