Below Deck

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Her hands fist into my hair and clench tightly as I bend my knees and push myself between her thighs. She moans into my mouth again when I push up, and slide my aching cock against her as she lifts one leg and hooks it around the back of mine, pulling me tightly to her. I kiss her harder, deeper, with more urgency than I’ve ever felt with any other woman. My hips thrust against her in the same rhythm as my tongue pushing in and out of her mouth, and I feel like a fucking fifteen-year-old who could come in his pants at any second.

The heat between her thighs as she moves her own hips and rubs herself against me makes me want to pull my head back and roar. I take a second to run my tongue over her full bottom lip before diving back into her warm, wet mouth and claiming it. She sucks my tongue deeper into her mouth, and now it’s my turn to groan with need, wanting more…wanting everything from this woman. She smells like coconuts from the suntan lotion she put on earlier; she tastes like the sweet wine she drank at dinner…

The dinner my crew served her. The dinner where I was the bartender and she was the guest. The Goddamn guest that I shouldn’t be mauling against the side of the fucking ship.

With every ounce of willpower I possess, I yank my mouth away from hers and take a stumbling step back from her body. Her leg drops from around mine and her hands drop from their hold on my hair. I continue moving backwards until I smack into the deck railing, my eyes never leaving her as I watch the flushed skin of her chest rise and fall with rapid breaths. With the moonlight still shining high above us, I no longer have to wonder how her lips would look if I kissed her. I silently watch her bring one of her hands up and trail the tips of her fingers over her red, swollen lips as she stares back at me in shocked wonderment.

I want to move back to her and finish what I started. Take whatever she wants to give me, reach up under her skirt, yank her panties to the side, and slam myself inside of her to ease the ache in my cock, but I can’t. I shouldn’t have come out here. I shouldn’t have kissed her, and I sure as hell can’t fuck her.

She’s a guest and I’m the crew. She’s out of my league and this was a mistake. At least now I don’t have to wonder what she tastes like. The feel of her tongue in my mouth, the moans she made at the back of her throat, and the way her body felt molded to mine will be burned into my brain for the rest of this Goddamn trip. I’ll be a professional and do my job and pretend like this moment of temporary insanity never happened.

Without a word, I turn and stalk away from her, pissed at myself for losing control with a guest. One taste, that’s all I needed. Now that I’ve had it, now that my curiosity has been sated, I can focus on my job and forget about Mackenzie Armstrong and the best damn kiss I’ve had in a long time.



It’s painfully obvious that Declan is avoiding me after what happened on the deck late last night. When Brooke left our room in search of Ben, I couldn’t stop thinking about Declan and if I’d have the courage to make a move on him, so I went for a walk to try to clear my head so I could sleep. I never imagined as I stood staring out at the ocean that he’d come to me. The look on his face when I saw him standing there watching me was clear he wasn’t happy about finding me out there alone, and I was more than a little surprised when he suddenly stalked towards me without saying a word. The shock continued when he grabbed my face and kissed me, but it was quickly replaced by desire.

Holy shit could that man kiss. I’ve never been kissed like that before, so hard and raw and brutal. I should have been embarrassed by how quickly I responded to him, how needy I must have seemed as I rubbed myself against him and couldn’t stop moaning into his mouth every time his tongue swirled around mine. When I felt how hard he was for me as he pushed himself between my thighs, I forgot all about being embarrassed since it was obvious he was just as affected as I was.

Right when I’d gathered up the courage to beg him to take me up against that damn wall, he pulled away and stood there staring at me, his face a wash of irritation and regret before he turned and walked away without a word.

“Declan, Declan, I need some help setting up the water slide for the guests.”

Glancing over at Ben as he holds his radio up to his mouth, I hold my breath waiting for the sound of Declan’s voice over the radio. The yacht made it to St. John in the middle of the night but since they don’t have a dock big enough for us, we’re anchored a few miles offshore. Everyone decided to spend the day relaxing in the sun until later tonight, where the crew will take us over to the island in jetties to do some sightseeing after dinner.

All day long, Arianna and Allyson have demanded one thing or another from the crew to keep them occupied instead of just laying back in their deck chairs and enjoying the Caribbean sun like Brooke and my dad and myself.

They had them set up a huge, portable boatside swimming pool that has a mesh barrier so they can go in the water without worrying about jellyfish or other marine life bothering them. It took the crew over an hour to set up the pool and the two women spent all of five minutes in the water before they declared it was too cold.

After that, they wanted the huge water trampoline set up, which again took over an hour, and again, occupied them for a handful of minutes before they complained that it was boring.

So on and so forth, the crew has been running around all day to do their bidding, and each time Ben calls for Declan over the radio, Declan comes back to say he’s busy with something else and to call for Eddie. Of course, this has made Brooke’s day a brighter one since she told me they made out in the kitchen for over an hour last night and it was, and I quote, “mind blowing.” Not only have I had to deal with two bitchy and bored women all day, I’ve had to listen to Brooke flirt shamelessly with Ben and watch him return it with equal fervor as he blatantly stares at her bikini-clad body and winks at her every time he walks by her chair.

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